Apply as a teacher volunteer


Children start school in Ghana at the age of 3, and the school we are partnered with takes children up to the age of 12. So you can help to teach and entertain children of different ages. You can choose a class to teach in which you feel will be most appropriate for you or you can switch between classes during the day. At the start of your placement time you will work alongside a teacher so you can help observe and learn the best teaching methods along with the children’s ability levels before taking on a class to yourself.

Teaching Volunteer Duration And Fees

2 Weeks £240£130£370
4 Weeks£360£130£490
6 Weeks£400£130£530
8 Weeks£600£130£730
10 Weeks £750£130£880
12 Weeks£900£130£1,030
14 Weeks£1,050£130£1,180
16 Weeks£1,140£130£1,270
18 Weeks£1,245£130£1,375
20 Weeks£1,250£130£1,380
22 Weeks£1,400£130£1,530
24 Weeks£1,600£130£1,730

Accommodation And Meals

The accommodation is basic but will provide all of the essentials such as electricity and even a flushing toilet, something you will soon learn is luxury in Ghana! All rooms are equipped with a fan, bed, and cupboards or wardrobes for you to keep your things in. The accommodation is also all secure so in the evenings you'll be able to relax with the peace of mind of knowing you're in a safe environment too. On top of this you'll be immersing yourself into Ghanaian culture by living with a host family so you'll be able to witness all the traditions and activities we perform on a regular basis.

Volunteers will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner every day during their stay with us.
Here's an example of the meals you can expect:


Cereals, milk, tea/coffee and bread


Noodles, rice, fried plantain and beans, KFC also available


Rice, chicken, eggs, spaghetti, stew, yams, fufu, soup