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Our Volunteering Services

Ghana Orphanage Volunteer

The orphanage is a very flexible placement option as there is a wide range of activities you can choose to do there. Whether you want to help bath and dress the children, play sporting activities with them, give them extra school lessons or help out with daily chores, both the orphanage workers and the children […]

Ghana Medical Volunteer

Participating in the medical project will give you the opportunity to work in a range of wards/settings such as maternity and delivery, accident and emergency, general medical and paediatric wards, theatres and have the chance to see how clinics are run. Through this you will be able to complete ultrasound scans, help with deliveries, participate […]

Ghana Teaching Volunteer

Children start school in Ghana at the age of 3, so from an early age you can help teach and entertain the children. The children in the school in which we are partnered with go up to the age of 12 so you can choose a class to teach in which you feel most appropriate […]


Don't miss outing life. Once in your lifetime, mingle with different kinds of people to get out of your comfort zone. You’ll have a great time with Ro-Wena Foundation Ghana—the right place to stay and volunteer!