Claudia, London – UK

I had an absolutely wonderful time in Ghana- a trip of a lifetime! Cobbinah was always so helpful and would go out of his way to lend us a hand; he would drive you anywhere you wanted and would reliably be there for you any time (day or night!) to pick you up from an evening out or drive you in the early hours (for example to catch a bus back to the airport for your flight). Cobbinah always wanted to make sure you were safe (in fact his car was pretty much the only one I saw in Ghana with functional seatbelts!) and would give out his mobile number so you could always reach him if needs be.
Ghana is an amazing country- there’s so much to do in Accra, Kumasi and further afield at Cape Coast or the national parks where you can get up really close to elephants or walk among the tree tops. If you’re having second thoughts: don’t! You’ll have an amazing experience in Ghana and you will be in good hands with Cobbinah for sure.